Team coaching for organisations

In today's volatile and uncertain world, flexibility, re-invention, fast and effective delivery are all requirements for successful organisations. Rigid structures and formulaic approaches no longer serve; networks of small, nimble teams working at scale in agile and iterative ways are what creates success. If the team’s performance is suffering from any of these problems, coaching can help:

  • The team purpose is vague and interpreted in different ways
  • There are conflicts about priorities between goals
  • Personal agendas predominate over the collective agenda
  • Stakeholder expectations are not being met
  • There is conflict within the team and team politics
  • Recurring quality problems
  • Unclear decision making processes. 

What can be achieved through team coaching?

Team coaching works with you to create sustainable change; it’s about recognising the core purpose the team is there to serve, and creating structure, support and empowerment that allows teams to learn, practice and integrate new behaviour over time. Ultimately it’s about creating more capable and resourceful teams. In practice, this means significant outputs are achieved, delivering more effective outcomes which together create added value:

Outputs; insights, new behaviours, increased empathy and unity, shared purpose, creative and innovate thinking, higher team morale and trust, mind-set shifts, action plans, less reactivity, more resilience

Outcomes; open and effective communication, constructive handling of conflict, more productive meetings, clearly defined roles and responsibilities, clearer delegation and orchestration, more focussed time, increase in productive time, values-based culture, more capable and resourceful teams

Value created; delivering greater value to all stakeholders, greater customer satisfaction, increase in employee retention, increase in customer advocacy, increase in revenue and profitability.

Team coaching enables teams to co-create greater beneficial value with and for all their stakeholders.

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How does team coaching work?

Each coaching engagement is unique and created against the specific needs of the team. My approach uses a 5 stage framework. All engagements start with the Discovery stage with other elements being added depending on the nature of the task.

Discovery – understanding the team’s purpose. Who does your team serve and what is its fundamental purpose. Being clear about what success looks like for your team. Clarifying objectives, roles and process so that ownership is clear. Identifying what’s getting in the way of success both internally and externally.

Collective endeavour - clarifying and defining what only the team is uniquely placed to achieve. Ensuring the team has developed its own shared sense of collective endeavour; defining shared team goals, KPI’s and roles, unique to the team.

Team engagement - determining the rules of engagement for the team. Defining and implementing how we work together to be most effective, how we communicate, manage conflict, maximising creative and innovative outputs

Connecting – collective leadership of the team to represent and engage all stakeholders – customers, shareholders and community. Maximising impact and focussing on the value added to the stakeholders.

Learning – enabling the whole team to develop, not just the individuals, so that it can grow its collective capacity, with the flexibility to form and re-form as the environment changes, introducing and shedding team members and maintaining and growing functionality.

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