A few words from my clients

I have worked with a range of clients; from individuals seeking life coaching to support them in their personal lives, to professionals setting up new businesses, selling successful businesses and everything in between. Here is some of their feedback.

“Helen was recommended to me by a colleague who had nothing but praise for her and for how Helen helped her find her voice! Recommending that I work with Helen myself has been one of the most exciting and enlightening adventures I have ever been on. Over the time I have been working with Helen she has encouraged me to look at the challenges I have been facing in my business life, to look at them from a totally different perspective. This has led to me looking at why I have been dealing with things the way I have, breaking down my inner challenges and working on me finding me again, the person I always thought I was but could never appreciate. Helen has this amazing power to focus on you and only you for the time you are together and to get you to focus on you! She is warm, empathetic, and creates this safe space for 45 minutes where you can truly not feel judged, just safe. Our journey together is not over just yet and I am so excited to be continuing the next leg of my journey with her and to truly understanding me and finding my true voice!. I would highly recommend Helen’s services, take that first step it is so worth it!"

Carol, MD. Lost and being found...

"Helen has a warm, empathetic coaching style that makes you feel instantly comfortable but even more importantly, she will help you understand your drivers and keep challenging you to reach your goals. In times where I felt lost, disheartened or overwhelmed, her intelligent, positive and articulate approach saw past the waffle and helped me navigate a way forward. She keeps you on track, gets straight to the issue and offers useful techniques and advice to find the right path. I finished my coaching with a sense of regret (for having lost her) and more focus in my career path, than I’ve had in a couple of years. I cannot recommend Helen enough.”

Elaine. Marketing & Brand Director. Confused career girl.

“I came to Helen without any experience of coaching and with a general scepticism about the process and what it could offer. However, after completing our time together I've come to deeply respect the power and the long-term benefits it can have on your life. Helen created an encouraging, warm and honest environment where I was able to explore aspects of my life in safety. Thanks to my conversations with Helen I'm excited to move into the next stage of my personal and professional life with a better understanding of myself and my relationship to those around me. It feels only like the start of a process but with the tools I've learned I feel capable of continuing that journey throughout my life. I encourage you to take that first step with Helen as well.“

OC. Music industry. Soon to be married.

“Helen has been working with me for six eventful months.  Her experience, professionalism and coaching skills have helped me to navigate some important changes and identify new life goals. Helen is kind, attentive and encouraging. She is supportive and very honest. She will not hesitate to challenge your though process if it goes in the way of achieving your goals. I always looked forward our sessions. I would be more than happy to recommend her coaching services.”

CMC. Marketing Professional and single parent of a child with complex needs

“The coaching process is challenging - like heading down a dark tunnel and not knowing if there will be anything to find. But with Helen by my side it feels safer, achievable, believable and most importantly, I know the journey is totally right for me and is created by me. Helen comes with a huge amount of experience – both in business and in life and I can’t think of someone more qualified, more passionate and more supportive to encourage me onto the right track.”

Jennifer. Mid-life re-starter and ideas explorer

“Helen's clear innate intelligence and life experiences imbued her advice with both a sense of authority and authenticity. She helped me gather and prioritise my thinking at a time of immense change. I was able to understand and initiate new habits and ways of thinking that enhanced my sense of wellbeing and for the first time, in a long time, reduced my anxiety. Men tend to believe themselves invincible and fail to seek advice till it's too late. My advice is don’t hesitate, as the cost of failure is far greater than any investment you choose to make in yourself.”

MT. Husband, father, friend and licenced to grill

“The coaching discussions I've had with Helen have brought a sense of clarity to what was a confused picture, which is very calming and pleasurable. I am only somewhat wistful that I hadn't done something like this earlier, so I recommend working with Helen sooner rather than later. As someone who had been a bit sceptical of life coaching - having thought that we should sort ourselves out - I have found my work with Helen nothing but positive and beneficial.”

RC. Hammersmith, part-time professional work and mother of now-grown children

“Helen's coaching has really encouraged me to take a different perspective to the challenges I face. She uncovered truths about me and my character that really helped me understand how to improve myself and my approach to certain situations. I have found it an extremely useful period of self-discovery. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time talking to Helen. It's a time to truly reflect and I would recommend her services to anyone.”

LM. Start-up founder

“I was initially sceptical and doubted that coaching would help me. But I have found that the process of simply discussing issues with someone unfamiliar with them helped me to think through them more clearly, and collectively, agree a way to handle them. This has helped move the issues from something constantly in the back of my mind, to something that is being dealt with. Helen is naturally empathetic, and I found discussion with her very easy. I have a tendency to overthink, but with Helen’s help, we come up with plans to resolve issues step by step, and not think too far ahead.”

Paul. Banking consultant

"Through Helen’s gentle, yet effective technique, she has helped me to discover my inner strength and the brilliance of being my true self. She also showed me how I can apply what I learnt in different aspect of my life - from my career to being a mother and most importantly, in having a better relationship with myself. I was always amazed at how much we worked through and what I had learnt by the end of each session. I can’t thank Helen enough for her help during a time when I felt that I lost my bearing."

Dorothy. Mother and naturopathic nutritionist

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