Getting the right coach

Finding the coach who is right for you is vital if you are to get the most out of the experience. The coaching/client relationship is built on trust, so you must feel listened to, supported and at ease. Here’s a little more about me, to give you an idea of what I bring to a coaching relationship.

Home and family

I live in North London, close to Hampstead Heath where I’m often seen walking my rather exuberant wheaten terrier. Mother of 4 children, 2 in their teens and 2 in their thirties, I have lived through the challenges of schools, exams, friendship issues, interviews and leaving home. And as a working mother I have experienced the stresses of never feeling ‘quite enough’ when it comes to being a parent – as you rush in late to the parents meeting, forget the sports day and never have time to create that perfect costume for the school play! The toll this can put on personal relationships can be immense and I know the pain of divorce. Within the frenetic-ness of life, it was often well-nigh impossible to find space for myself, and the sensation of being an observer, rather than a participant, in my life was very familiar. And now, here I am, lucky enough to have discovered what makes my life feel truly good and fulfilling and learning how to create the right balances so that I can live the life I want.

Working world

My working life is roughly split into 4 chapters. I started out as a marketeer, specialising in brand and communications. Working within the telecommunications industry, I ran B2B and B2C UK and global marketing campaigns After ending up on the Management Board of a blue chip company, I crashed out of the corporate world, feeling exhausted and burnt out. The next phase of my working life was setting up an online fashion business, designing, manufacturing and retailing my own fashion label. It was a hugely exciting journey. But I found a rapidly growing business and a growing family incompatible, so stepped away from the company and into the 3rd chapter of work as a Marketing Consultant. Across all of my working life, I realised that where I felt the most enjoyment was when I was coaching and mentoring, helping individuals and teams to achieve the best they were capable of. This realisation has led me to chapter 4, my career as a Coach; concentrating on the area which gives me the most fulfilment – the development of others.


I practice the Co-Active form of whole-person centred coaching. This coaching is not for the faint-hearted, it will be hard work at times as you’re taken outside of your comfort zone and challenged. It will also be fun and rewarding as you grow and discover the clarity and resilience to live your fullest life. 

In addition, I have trained as a systemic team coach with the Global Team Coaching Institute, adding to my business experience in consulting, mentoring and facilitation.

Working together with the team, I identify the team dynamics and the patterns within which they operate. Enabling the team to discover the gap between where they are today and where their stakeholders need them to be in the future, we can then work building and implementing an effective team development journey.

Alongside my standard coaching package I offer the Positive Intelligence 6 week Mental Fitness programme for both individuals and teams. This programme is proven to help people reduce stress and harness the power of the mind to create more ease and flow in life, work, relationships, and personal satisfaction. It provides practical tools and a firm foundation to support your coaching journey.


ACC Associated Certified Coach
CPCC Co-Active trained coach
Certified Systemic Team coach (Gateway programme) 
MBA (Strategic Marketing), DipM. (Inst. Marketing) 
M.Sc. Anthropology

“Helen is one of those rare individuals who listens and engages with her heart and with her soul.”

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